Q: Do you make tails?
A: Why yes, we do!

Q: How much do your tails cost?
A: Great question! Please refer to our Price List Page for a breakdown of costs.

Q: Can I swim in GotMermaid tails?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Why don’t GotMermaid tails have monofins?
A: In our research and experience we have discovered monofins in mermaid tails can be much more trouble than they’re worth. So! GotMermaid has engineered TWO monofinless fluke options! We have a floppy option that gives a super realistic flop to your fluke while giving you about as much propulsion as a Finis Wave. Then we have a more rigid fluke option for more powerful propulsion. All flukes come with a custom engineered foot pocket inside the fluke that is comfortable and incredibly easy to put on and wear. No more fighting with heel straps or getting blisters!

Q: I want a monofin, can I have one custom installed?
A: Unfortunately GotMermaid will no longer make tails with monofins due to our construction method and the negative feedback we received about monofins. We’re aiming for comfort, ease of wear and most importantly, realism! GotMermaid strives to make the most realistic and comfortable tails available.

Q: What fluke options are currently available?
A: Here are our current available fluke designs!

Q: Can I see the new monofinless fluke in action?
A: Absolutely! We are currently working on creating video content of the new flukes and will have that media available soon!

Q: How do I purchase?
A: Please contact our team at teamgotmermaid@gmail.com to discuss ordering! We are currently working on products for the Store page. The Store page will allow purchasing of custom and completed tails with ease. Keep an eye out for product listings in the Store Tab!

Q: How do I know what size tail I need? Do I give you measurements?
A: For custom made tails GotMermaid requires the customer make and send a duct tape mold. We can explain how to accomplish that and we will have a video tutorial very soon! For completed tails, listed for purchase as is, we will have the dimensions of the tail posted in the listing. Please double check sizing before purchasing completed tails. Completed tails can not be resized!

Q: Do you sell pre-made mermaid tails?
A: Why yes, we do! When pre-made tails are available to purchase they will be listed on the Store page. If you don’t see any for sale, check back soon, we will have them available periodically!

Q: I don’t want to buy a tail, I just want to do a photo shoot. Do you rent tails?
A: We sure do! We will have Second Generation Tails available to rent by end of March, 2020. Second Gen tails have incredible stretch, making them ideal for wearers of multiple different sizes and perfect for photo shoots!

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: Absolutely! Shipping costs will be calculated based on your location! Send us an email for now if you would like a shipping quote!

Q: Can I talk to anyone who already has purchased a tail?
A: Absolutely, yes! Check out our Meet Our Mermaids page for links to contact some of our customers! They would be happy to share their experiences!

Q: Do you take payments on tails?
A: Absolutely! We would be happy to discuss more payment options with anyone who should need them! Tails will only ship once final payment has been made.

Q: If I order, how long do I have to wait to get my tail?
A: Our time frames vary depending on the tail design and size. Our goal is 3 to 6 months wait time. This is not a guarantee, this is an estimate for custom made tails.

Q: If I purchase a completed mermaid tail from your site, how long will it take to get it?
A: Any tail listed for sale as COMPLETE will ship within 48 hours of cleared payment. Tracking will be provided once the tail has been shipped. (Please double check tail dimensions to ensure fit. Tails cannot be altered in size once complete!)

Q: How do I pay?
A: There will be a Purchase Now button for Credit/Debit Card payments on the Purchase page when custom order slots and/or completed tails are available! Hoping to add other purchase options soon, as well! If there is no Purchase Now button there are no tails currently available. But check back soon or send us an email if you’re ready to purchase and don’t see the option!
*For custom orders, deposits will be required. Final remaining balance will be paid upon tail completion. The tail will ship within 48 hours of cleared final payment.

Q: I paid a deposit for my custom tail order but I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want the tail anymore. Can I cancel my order?
A: You can definitely cancel your order! However! If you decide to cancel your order after your tail has already been started, you will not receive your deposit back. You will not be obligated to pay the remaining balance on the tail but will forfeit your deposit.

Q: Do you have more scale options?
A: Absolutely! The possibilities for scale size and shape are boundless! Email our design team to talk it over!

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: All sales are final once final payment is made. Deposits are non refundable after tail construction has begun.