Contest Terms and Conditions

Mermaid Tail Giveaway

By purchasing one of the cloth face masks OR vinyl stickers listed on our website you are automatically entered to win a FREE Mermaid Tail. Each $10 ticket will get you ONE entry to win a free tail. For example, if you buy THREE $10 face masks you are entered THREE times to win a Mermaid Tail. A drawing will be held for every 200 masks and stickers that are sold. So you will have more than one chance to win! You are only entered for the current drawing you purchased a mask or sticker for. If you would like to enter additional drawings you must purchase additional masks/stickers after each drawing ends.

Buy purchasing a mask Or sticker you agree to the following terms and conditions. All purchases are final. No refunds will be given after purchase has been complete. No exceptions. The $10 mask or sticker purchase does not guarantee you will win a mermaid tail. The winner will be determined by live video drawing hosted by one of GotMermaid’s Team Members. Once the winner is announced they will be contacted via the information provided when the mask was purchased. Should the winner decide to forfeit their winnings or does not respond, a second drawing will be conducted to choose a new winner. There is no limit to the amount of masks or stickers you can purchase. Purchasing more than one mask or sticker will not guarantee you will win. Once the mask/sticker is purchased it will be mailed to you. GotMermaid is not responsible for lost or stolen packages! We have record of your purchase and you will still be included in the drawing but any masks/stickers lost once mailed, GotMermaid is not responsible for. Please make sure to provide correct information such as name, address and email when purchasing to ensure your entry and chances of winning. If you would prefer your Mermaid/Merman name be used on the live video drawing, please let us know! Only first names will be announced on the live video. We will not announce or show anyone’s email or address on the live video.

Once the winner has been chosen and the tail design has been determined the wait time will be provided. The wait time for the completed tail is an estimated 3 to 6 months after tail design has been agreed upon by all parties. The tail will be shipped upon completion. Tracking will be provided. There is no extra cost for shipping. However, the winner is solely responsible for any international customs charges or fees.

Thank you for participating!

GotMermaid Team