Tail Info

Nova Tails

Our Nova Line of tails are a lightweight combination of neoprene and platinum cure silicone. These tails can weigh anywhere from 10lbs to 20lbs depending on the size and features. Nova Tails only come with one thickness of scales, 1.5mm. Scales can be any shape and size. Custom paint jobs are available for Nova Tails with solid tinted flukes. Nova tails also come with our custom engineered monofinless fluke. Nova Tails have significantly less stretch than the Luna Tails line and are less durable. They are ideal for beginners and hobby mermaids. All tails are lined with a comfortable spandex.

Luna Tails

Our Luna Tails are super unique platinum cure silicone mermaid tails! Scales can be made in a variety of thicknesses to suit the wearers needs! Thinner scales lessen weight and increase stretch! Thicker scales will lessen stretch but increase realism by hiding legs better! Thinner scales are more ideal for beginners and those who need a lighter tail. These tails can weigh anywhere from 15 to 25lbs with thinner scales. Thinner scaled tails are also ideal for wearers of multiple sizes. We use Luna Tails with thinner scales as rentals for this reason and recommend this type of tail for photography companies and the like.

Luna Tails made with thicker scales have less stretch but are more realistic. Thicker scaled tails are ideal for mermaid performers and usually only fit the custom size they were made for. Thicker scaled tails can weigh anywhere from 30lbs to 50lbs depending on the size and features.
All Luna Tails also come with our custom engineered monofinless fluke and comfortable spandex lining.

Info About Our Scales Size and Shape Options

Our options for scales size and shape are almost limitless! Nova Tail scales are 1.5mm thick and can only have smooth cut edges and Luna Tail scales can be a variety of thicknesses with smooth or scalloped edges. We can do almost any size and shape you can dream up! Just check with our design team if you have a specific design in mind! No extra charge for different scale designs.

Info About Our Custom Engineered Monofinless Flukes

After much research and development, the GotMermaid Team is ecstatic to introduce our new monofinless fluke, along with HIDDEN HEELS! This new design is so comfortable and realistic!!! We are so excited to finally release it! Swimming videos soon to follow!! And check out the Social Media for more photos!

Current Fluke Options for All Tails

Kids Tails: COMING SOON!!!

Silicone and Fabric Scaled Tails for Kids coming soon!!!