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Q: How do I know your company is safe and legitimate to purchase from?
A: Once your order has been approved and placed we will send you a purchase agreement stating all the requirements of purchase on both the customer and the company's parts along with instructions on how to create your duct tape lower body mold for your tail. Then you will return the signed agreement with your duct tape mold. We will send two copies, both signed by our Owner. One for the customer to keep and one for the customer to sign and return with their duct tape mold. The purchase agreement along with the Etsy seller and buying protection will help you feel safe and secure in your purchase.
Q: How do I measure for Got Mermaid tails?
A: To ensure fit accuracy we ask that our customers make a duct tape mold of their lower half to send to us. This will give the very best fit possible leaving no room for measurement taking error. We will provide the instructions to creating your duct tape mold upon purchase of your tail.
Q: What are the cost break downs for extras and custom work?
Basic Tail: One color, No Extra Fins, Standard Fluke (3 Available Options) - $1,700
Fins: $100 per dorsal and fin sets (i.e. hip fins, ankle fins, heel fins, etc.)
Paint Colors: $50 per additional color (Up to 3) with simple fading/blending, no designs.
For Custom Painted Designs: Tail Base Price is $2,500 with extras not included!
For Custom Flukes:
Additional $100 for a custom fluke design that will then become available to future Got Mermaid customers.
Additional $400 for an Exclusive Custom Fluke design that will only be used for your tail. "
Q: Are tails safe to wear in water?
A: Yes
Q: Are the materials skin safe?
A: Yes, 100% skin safe materials
Q: What are the tails made out of?
A: Platinum Cure Silicone.
Q: Can I design my own tail?
A: Yes, just keep your eye out for open listings in the Etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GotMermaiddotNet
Q: What if the tail I bought off from the Etsy store doesn't fit? Can I return it?
A: Please make sure you take accurate measurements as returns are NOT accepted. All sales are final.
Q: I have questions about your tails but I can't find an email to contact you. Help?
A: All the info for each tail posted for sale will be viewable on the listing in the etsy store. We are busy making tails so we don't have time to answer emails all day. Messages sent to the Etsy store will only be reviewed and answered in regards to purchasing. All available info will be posted on all other tail listings once they're posted for Sale. We thank you for understanding.
You can also always "Ask Our Mermaids"! 
Q: How often do you take orders.
A: There is no set schedule for orders and no set time period. Just keep your eye out for the for available listings in the Etsy store.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/GotMermaiddotNet
Q: How much are your tails?
A: Prices for completed tails listed for sale will be posted and vary from tail to tail. They will range from $1,700 to $2,500. Custom designed orders will start at $2,500 and go up based on designs, fins, and extras of any kind.
Q: What kind of swim fins are in the tails?
A: We will use various fins inside the flukes based on each customers preferences and requirements. Certain fin choices may affect price.
Q: How heavy are the tails?
A: They can range from 25lbs to 40lbs depending on design and extras. The weight of each tail will be stated in its listing.
Q: Are these tails durable?
A: Yes! These tails are very durable with reinforced heel and ankle areas to protect from wear and tear during use. *Please try to refrain from standing in your tail, as it will extend the life of it.
Q: How do I know for sure if the tail will fit?
A: We prefer our customers make a duct tape mannequin of their lower half from just above the belly button to the ankles and send it to us to ensure sizing accuracy. If you are unable to make a duct tape mold, please follow the directions posted for measuring yourself. We will have a How To soon for making a duct tape mannequin for mermaid tails. 
Q: How do I care for my tail?
A: After wearing your tail in the pool, lake, ocean, or tank, rinse it with clean cold water, prop the fluke up so the tail can drain and let dry. Or hang on a tail drying stand. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.
Q: Can I wear this tail in salt water? Chlorine?
A: Yes! You can wear this tail in any body of water you prefer.